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Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM)


Welcome words

Following his election as a Member of the European Parliament, Luis Valcárcel Siso left the Presidency of the Committee of the Regions on 26 June 2014. We would like to thank him for his commitment to ARLEM over the past two and a half years and pledge to continue his efforts and the work of his predecessor, Mercedes Bresso.  

ARLEM is now a well-established assembly, a well-respected forum for political debate and an integral part of the governance structure of the Union for the Mediterranean, representing the so-called "territorial dimension" – essentially the interests of local and regional authorities from the three shores of the Mediterranean. 

Now at cruise speed, ARLEM focuses on supporting the process of decentralisation and regionalisation in the Mediterranean region and on promoting the "territorialisation" of policies, programmes and projects, particularly in the UfM's priority areas, thus ensuring that they take into consideration the particular needs and concerns of local and regional authorities. Within the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy, our aim is both to highlight the role of  local and regional authorities as strategic partners for good governance and successful development outcome, and to bring Euro-Mediterranean cooperation closer to the citizens, therefore producing tangible results in people's daily lives.

Michel Lebrun and
Youssef Ali Abd El-Rahman,
ARLEM co-presidents

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6th Plenary session
14/15/12/2014 - Antalya (TR)
14th Bureau meeting
14/12/2014 - Antalya (TR)

13th Bureau meeting
10/11/2014 - Luxor (EG)

7th ECOTER meeting
20/10/2014 - Malaga (ES)

6th SUDEV meeting
19/09/2014 - Marseille (FR)

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