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Given the multiple challenges in the Mediterranean, it is crucial for ARLEM to build lasting and structured partnerships with the various actors and strengthen synergies between their respective activities. ARLEM and its members interact with different stakeholders in order to develop synergies which are necessary to reinforce the territorial dimension in the region.

2017 Activities
  • UfM Meetings – ( UfM Secretariat Website )
    - 27 November: 4th UfM Ministerial Conference on “Strengthening the Role of Women in Society” – Cairo
- 31 January: Ad-Hoc SOM on "Towards a New Water Agenda" – Brussels
- 14-15 March: First WG Environment and Climate Change – Barcelona
- 29 March: HLWG Employment and Labour – Barcelona
- 27 April: UfM Ministerial Conference on Water – Malta
Other activities
- 15-16 February: ETF - Torino Process Regional Forum – Rabat
- 4-5 May: Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI): Urban Hub Workshop – Marseille

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