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Commission for Sustainable Territorial Development

ARLEM's Commission for Sustainable Territorial Development was created following the decision of the 6th ARLEM Plenary Session held in Antalya on 15 December 2014.

It issues draft reports that are submitted to the annual ARLEM Plenary Session for adoption. The first meeting of this commission was held on 26 October 2015, in Brussels . The second meeting will took place in Marrakesh on 15 November 2016.

The Commission is co-chaired by Mr Stavros Arnaoutakis (PES/GR), President of the Region of Crete (for the EU Group) and Mr Karim Bennour, President of the People's Municipal Assembly of Algiers  (for the Mediterranean partners Group)

Two reports will be adopted for 2016 (to be adopted in Malta at the 8th plenary session on 23 February 2017):

- Draft Report on Cross-border Cooperation in the Mediterranean region 
  Rapporteur: Mr Francesco Pigliaru, President of the Sardinia region, Italy
              AR - EN - FR - IT

- Draft Report on Energy and climate change in the Mediterranean region 
  Rapporteur: Mr Mohamed Sadiki, Mayor of Rabat, Morocco
              AR - EN - FR

Reports adopted for 2015:

- Report on Employment and territorial development in the Mediterranean region 
  Rapporteur: Ms Eleni Loucaidou, Deputy Mayor of Nicosia, Cyprus
               AR - EN - FR - EL

- Report on a Sustainable urban agenda for the Mediterranean region 
  Rapporteur: Mr Fawzi Masad, City Manager at the Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan.
                AR - EN - FR