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The CoR has published two studies in the past years relating to the significance and added value of foresight activities for the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and European local and regional authorities (LRAs).

▶ Territorial forward planning / Foresight projects in the European Union

This study aimed at formulating recommendations about the usefulness and added value of territorial foresight as a tool for decision-making for cities and regions as well as a support mechanism for the CoR in the framework of its political and consultative work.

The final report showcased foresight case studies involving cities and regions in Europe and assessed as well the potential opportunity of creating a territorial foresight network or platform at the European level. 

▶ Challenges at the Horizon 2025

The aim of the study was to identify the future challenges that confront the CoR and LRAs at the horizon in 2025. It drew up three possible scenarios with predictions about the future evolution of European integration and their implications.

It identified that the future evolution of European integration necessarily involves an identification of a number of trends, challenges and opportunities over the coming decades. Subsequently, the report formulated key questions for debate and provided practical options and suggestions on how LRAs could make progress.


▶ Territorial Vision 2050: What future? (COR 4285/2015)

The CoR opinion draws attention on the need of the EU for a new territorial vision which is based on the principle of subsidiarity and multi-level governance. 

The opinion followed a request by the Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council. The draft opinion was presented to the informal meeting of ministers responsible for territorial cohesion policy on 26 November 2015 in Luxembourg. The Presidency Conclusion mentioned the CoR opinion as a supporting document and the messages of the conclusion are in line with the CoR's opinion, notably on the importance of the place-based approach and the need to improve the implementation of the European territorial agenda.