CoR contribution to the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS)

The European Committee of Regions has joined the ESPAS process as observer since July 2015. This development is an opportunity for the CoR to first and foremost expand on its cooperation with EU institutions in developing strategic thinking related to foresight, and particularly, territorial foresight. In doing so, the CoR complements its involvement by providing relevant Opinions and studies to the Open Repository Base on International strategic Studies (ORBIS)  which is powered by ESPAS and in:

  • identifying global long-term trends facing or relating to the European Union;
  • common analysis of probable outcomes on major issues for policy makers;
  • organising common events bringing in LRAs perspective.



2016 ESPAS Annual Conference
16-17.11.2016, Brussels 



5th COTER Commission Meeting
02.10.2015 (European Committee of the Regions, Brussels) 

Presentation of the ESPAS Report at the in the framework of the discussion on the draft Opinion on "Territorial Vision 2050: What future?". 

2015 ESPAS Annual Conference
12 & 13.11.2015 (European Commission (Berlaymont) / European Parliament (library), Brussels) 

Conference aimed at presenting scenarios and flagging up significant risks for political leaders, stimulating strategic thinking, so that European and national policies are drawn up to have a lasting impact.

Connecting Europe's regions and cities
02.12.2015 (European Committee of the Regions, Brussels) 

Representation of ESPAS at the CoR forum on ''digital single market".