Middle and low value contracts
In case of middle and low value contracts the Committee of the Regions has to invite minimum  three candidates to a negotiated procedure for a low value contract (value not exceeding €60.000)  and has to invite minimum five candidates to a negotiated procedure for a middle value contract  (value between  €60.000 and € 135.000).

Negotiated procurement procedures for middle and low value contracts are regularly advertised in  the table below:

Indicative planning of public procurement between €15.000 and €135.000 (€5.225.000 for works) in 2018.
If your organization is interested in any of the procedures indicated above please send an e-mail to  the address mentioned in the indicative planning providing the following information: subject of the  tender, name, address and contact details of your company. 

This list of procedures has an indicative value. It is possible that procedures are not included in  the list. Also this information does not constitute any obligation to award for the Committee of the  Regions nor to invite to tender any economic operator having expressed its interest in  participating in a low value contract procedure. 

Only the candidates invited by the contracting authority to participate in a procedure for awarding middle and low value contracts will be admissible.​
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