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About COR

In order to be recruited as an official by an EU institution, you need to pass an open competition organised at the inter-institutional level by the European Personnel Selection Office.

The Committee of the Regions also employs temporary or contract staff.

Employees of local, regional and national bodies or intergovernmental organisations may also apply for positions as seconded national experts.




  • Deadline: 12.01.2015
    Abstract: Qualified temporary agent responsible, under the authority of the President of the Group and the Secretary-General of the Group, for providing political advice regarding the European Alliance (EA) group activities.

  • Directorate: Directorate Translation
    Deadline: 09.01.2015
    Abstract: Translation of documents from English, French and other official languages of the EU into Portuguese.

  • Directorate: Directorate Members' service and Registry
    Deadline: 07.01.2015
    Abstract: The official will operate as head of the meetings service of the Internal Services unit. His/her main activity will be coordination of logistical and technical support for the organisation of CoR meetings and events and technical, operational and adm...

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