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European Parliament
European Parliament
​European Parliament

Cooperation Agreement between the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions

The Treaty of Lisbon reinforced the role of regional and local authorities in the European Union. It provides the legal basis for cooperation between the European Parliament (EP) and the Committee of the Regions (CoR).

In practice this means:

  • The CoR prepares impact assessments on proposed European legislation, which it gives to the EP. These impact assessments include detail at national, regional and local level on how existing legislation is working, plus opinions on improvements to the proposed legislation.

  • The EP gives the CoR additional expertise and materials where required and can host its staff in its information offices in the Member States where necessary

  • One member from the CoR is invited to all relevant EP committee meetings. This "Rapporteur", or spokesperson, presents the CoR opinions. Reciprocally, EP Rapporteurs can attend CoR committee meetings.

  • The EP can ask for greater input from the CoR on priority subjects (those affecting regions and cities) in which case the CoR rapporteur will work more closely with the relevant EP committee

  • The CoR will be an active partner in the run up to the European Elections