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Who are the CoR members?

The CoR has 350 members from the 28 Member States of the European Union, representing local and regional authorities (Article 263 of the EC Treaty).

The members are completely independent in the performance of their duties, in the general interest of the Community.

Members' term-of-office

CoR members have a five-year term-of-office, starting from the date that their official appointment by the Council takes effect.

The term-of-office of a member or alternate terminates upon their resignation, the end of the electoral mandate on which their CoR appointment was based, or their death.

A successor is appointed by the Council for the remainder of the term.

Role of alternates

Another member, or alternate, may represent the member if he or she is prevented from attending the plenary session, a commission meeting, or any other meeting.

An alternate or a member acting as an alternate can vote on behalf of one member only.

Any alternate shall exercise the same powers as a member at the meeting in question.

Read more information about the members in the CoR Rules of Procedure