Πληροφορίες για την προκήρυξη κενής θέσης
Αριθμός αναφοράς: CDR-AD11-AD14-20-17

Διεύθυνση: Directorate L, Logistics

Ομάδα καθηκόντων AD
Βαθμός: AD11-AD14

Διοίκηση: No
Τόπος: Brussels

Προθεσμία: 11/9/2017 12:00 πμ



The Deputy Director for Logistics supports the Director in his managerial, financial, operational and other duties and exercises the functions of the Director in the event of absence or impediment.
The main tasks of the Deputy Director include:
  1. Contributing to the definition and the implementation of policies and procedures related to the remits of the Directorate in line with decisions taken by the two Committees on the basis of the cooperation agreement;
  2. Contributing to the coordination and the supervision of the functioning of the Directorate's units and services. This will involve in particular: developing a sustainable building strategy, monitoring security (including emergencies and strategy) and ensuring a robust, secure, highly reliable and responsive, up-to-date IT environment as well as providing efficient and prompt production and distribution of all publication works of the Committees;
  3. Serving as internal customer interface towards the other CoR Directorates, notably by establishing a monitoring system for assessing needs of the client services and the implementation of concrete measures to ensure the appropriate functioning of the institution within the remits of the Directorate;
  4. Contributing to the work of the respective management boards and representing the interests of the Directorate when participating in internal meetings and joint committees and in dealing with both internal stakeholders and external partners, in particular with other EU institutions and the Belgian authorities;
  5. Constantly seeking to improve quality and efficiency of operations and to optimise working methods in order to make the best possible use of human and budgetary resources assigned to the Directorate;
  6. Developing a robust monitoring tool allowing to monitor the implementation of the administrative cooperation agreement between the EESC and the CoR;
  7. Assisting the Director in various administrative tasks, e.g. contributing to the Annual Management Plan, the Annual Activity Report, the annual appraisal of staff members assigned to the Directorate, the audit exercises;
  8. Carrying out the responsibilities of authorising officer by sub delegation within the established limits, ensuring sound administration of the Committee's public procurement procedures and reporting, when necessary, to the budgetary bodies and to the administration of the two Committees.
  9. The duties require a strong focus on cooperation, solidarity and coordinated communication. The position also requires regular high level contacts and a keen interest in public procurement procedures.

Qualifications required 

• strong leadership skills and ability to effectively manage and motivate large teams;
• ability to inspire, empower and develop staff as well as to provide constructive feedback;
• aptitude to anticipate, promote and effectively implement change; high degree of resilience;
• excellent interpersonal skills, exemplary integrity and professional standards;
• excellent communication skills; ability to express objectives in a clear way and to achieve results;
• excellent ability to negotiate and a thorough sense of public relations;
• constant drive to improve efficiency of working methods and processes;
• awareness of up-to-date challenges related to the remits of the Directorate;
• ability to translate the strategic vision of the Directorate into concrete action plans and results;
• strong networking skills and ability to achieve synergies with other European institutions and to represent the interests of the CoR and the EESC/CoR joint services;
• excellent analytical and decision making skills, including the ability to set priorities and to translate them into concrete objectives.
• good knowledge of strategic matters linked to the EU building, security and IT governance strategy would be an asset;
• good knowledge and sound experience in financial, budgetary and human resources management, including preparation and running of procurement, recruitment and budgetary procedures within the European institutions;
• good knowledge of the EU decision making processes, interinstitutional cooperation and the legal framework governing the activities of the European institutions and their relations with the Belgian authorities.
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