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Pracovní příležitosti

In order to be recruited as an official by an EU institution, you need to pass an open competition organised at the inter-institutional level by the European Personnel Selection Office.

The Committee of the Regions also employs temporary or contract staff.

Employees of local, regional and national bodies or intergovernmental organisations may also apply for positions as seconded national experts.




  • Directorate: Directorate D, Communication
    Deadline: 25.09.2015
    Abstract: Reporting to the Director for Communication, the Deputy Director works with the Director in the administrative management of the Directorate and carries out the Director's duties when the Director is away or unable to attend them in person.

  • Directorate: Directorate C, Legislative Work 2
    Deadline: 25.09.2015
    Abstract: Consisting of a team of thirteen officials and agents, the commission SEDEC deals with all aspects related to Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture. The key mission of the Unit is to prepare and provide the necessary resources a...

  • Directorate: Directorate D, Communication
    Deadline: 25.09.2015
    Abstract: The budget management team is looking for an assistant to the Director/deputy Director with proven experience in the field of financial and administrative management. This includes managing the agenda of the directors, the meetings and correspondence...

  • Directorate: Directorate D, Communication
    Deadline: 21.09.2015
    Abstract: Ředitel pod přímým dohledem generálního tajemníka organizuje činnost Ředitelství pro komunikaci, dohlíží na ni a monitoruje ji.

  • Directorate: Directorate D, Communication
    Deadline: 21.09.2015
    Abstract: The Director organises, supervises and monitors the work of the Directorate for Communication under the direct authority of the Secretary-General.

  • Directorate: Directorate L, Logistics
    Deadline: 18.09.2015
    Abstract: The official will be assigned of the Infrastructure's unit and support its secretarial and administrative work.

  • Directorate: Directorate D, Communication
    Deadline: 18.09.2015
    Abstract: Head of unit responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising the unit's work, including human and financial resources (establishment plan, budget and staff policy).

  • Deadline: 15.09.2015
    Abstract: Qualified temporary agent responsible, under the authority of the group's president and secretary-general, for providing administrative support for the PES group secretariat and PES activities.

  • Directorate: Directorate E, Human Resources and Finance
    Deadline: 15.09.2015
    Abstract: Provide assistance in coordinating activities that promote and contribute to the effective implementation of the requirements tied to the internal control standards. Carry out the tasks of Local Profile Manager (LPM).

  • Directorate: Directorate A, Members and Plenaries
    Deadline: 11.09.2015
    Abstract: Reporting directly to the Director for Members and plenaries, the Deputy Director is in charge, in particular, of ensuring an increased planning and coordination on the yearly calendar and agendas across the CoR and replaces the Director when require...

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