In this section you will find a detailed presentation of the Committee of the Regions (CoR): its role, membership, political priorities and its administrative structures and procedures.

CoR in a nutshell

Building of the Committee of the Regions (Brussels)
The European Committee of the Regions is the voice of regions and cities in the European Union.

350 members - regional and locally elected representatives from the 28 EU countries.
6 commissions covering competences in the following policy areas based on the EU Treaties:

  • Employment, vocational training, economic and social cohesion, social policy, health.
  • Education and culture.
  • Environment, climate change, energy.
  • Transport and trans-European networks.
  • Civil protection and services of general interests.

plenary sessions a year.
More than 50 opinions a year on EU legislation.
More than 40 stakeholders' consultations each year.
More than 300 events a year.

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